Move Easy Physical Therapy offers a private and confidential one-to-one space for each consultation and appointment.

Plan on 60 minutes for your first visit. You’ll fill out an intake form (which you can print now, complete, and bring with you). We will go over it with you in detail, evaluate your physical condition, develop your individual treatment plan, and begin treatment.

Your treatment plan will address your health challenges and goals by combining in-office work and home exercises. At Move Easy Physical Therapy, we understand that we all have different bodies, attitudes, and available time and energy and what works for one person might not work for another—even for a similar physical condition.

We can provide billing services and receipts for some insurance companies and Health Savings Fund/ Care accounts. At this time Move Easy Physical Therapy is not able to offer treatment under Workers Comp, Medicare, or Medi-Cal.

  • Intake forms—please fill out & bring

  • Insurance information if relevant (PPO, MVA, etc.)

  • Doctor referral to PT if needed

  • Comfortable clothing to move in & see the involved part of your body

How We Treat

First and foremost, you’ll be treated as an individual. We know that everyone’s situation is unique so our sessions are structured  to help you increase your comfort, function and understanding of how to move with ease.

At your initial office appointment we will review and listen to your history and condition followed by a thorough evaluation of your range of motion, strength, balance, coordination, posture, and movement.

From this we can create a treatment plan, designed to your specific needs and goals.  Your treatment sessions might include:

  • Manual therapy and bodywork including myofacial release

  • Therapeutic exercise

  • Movement coaching and re-education instruction

  • ADL (activities of daily living)

  • Home exercise program

  • Ergonomic Assessment

We understand that people lead busy lives and that some is better than none.  We work with our clients to create home exercise programs that are accessible, efficient, and work with each of our clients’ personal lifestyle.