Photo courtesy of  Molly Levy  (Dancer) and  Rachel Neville Photography

Photo courtesy of Molly Levy (Dancer) and Rachel Neville Photography

Sports & Performing Arts Medicine

At Move Easy Physical Therapy we regularly work with dancers, actors, musicians, and athletes to relieve:

  • Acute ankle and foot injuries

  • Overuse injuries

  • Rib and back injuries

  • Post surgical recovery, to help you return to optimal performance.

Like all other treatment at Move Easy Physical Therapy, our approach to sports and performing arts medicine is highly individual. We incorporate Pilates (reformer and mat work), myofasical release, bodywork and a host of physical therapy techniques. Toning and strength work is part of each treatment, along with techniques to release unnecessary tightness.

Deena’s background in dance, movement training, and music gives her a unique perspective and understanding of artists’ needs to heal, perform at their peak, and reach new personal and artistic goals. Treatment plans are designed to achieve the above while allowing artists to continue practice as much as possible.

- Genevieve Custer Weeks
Professional Ballet Dancer (Oakland Ballet & freelance artist)