There are certain tools and products that Move Easy Physical Therapy regularly recommends for home care. This is a resource page primarily for Deena’s patients after being instructed how to use them.

*Please note that Move Easy Physical Therapy does not sell any of these products, we've provided links to the direct companies or vendors.


PT Products

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

The Coway Tower air purifier is designed specifically for a living room, apartments, and mid-sized spaces using advanced multi-stage filtration with a long-life HEPA filter.

We recommend this efficient unit (or something similar) for home use to create a safer, healthy space for sleep, exercise, and daily activities.

c/o Sacro Wedgy® website

Sacro Wedgy®

The Sacro Wedgy® is a device that isolates and elevates the sacrum (tail-bone) and uses gravity to help relax, align, and re-balance your pelvis.

note: Sacro Wedgy is male/female specific to accommodate differently shaped pelvises

*Please make sure to train how to use the Sacro Wedgy® with Deena or another practitioner before using it on your own.

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Physio Balls

Physio balls are a versatile tool for strengthening, stretching, and dynamic balance. They can be used in a variety of different ways to develop core strength, range of motion, and proprioception.

We recommend the 65cm or 75cm sizes

c/o OPTP website

Foam Roller

Foam rollers provide gentle massage / myofascial release. Rolling out helps release tension, break up fascia, and improve mobility. Foam rollers can also be used to increase core strength and proprioception. 

We recommend the full roller (3' long, 6" diameter) and 1/2 roller (3' long, flat lengthwise on one side)

Two versions are available on Amazon:
Blue or White

c/o Aston Kinetics

Aston-patterning wedge pillow

Our go-to ergonomic pillow works great in car seats or any seat that slopes backward putting compression on the spine. A wedge cushion brings your body into a more neutral position while sitting. 

Aston Kinetics offers a few versions of a wedge pillow, we recommend the beveled "standard seat wedge"

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Bruntmor Cordless Neck and Back Massager

We often recommend this massager to support your progress and continue to release tension between sessions.


Spikey Massage Balls

Deena specifically recommends the Dynatronics medical supply massage balls that come in 3 sizes. They help relieve tension and are good for gentle myofascial release.

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The Stretch-eze® was developed by former dancer, dance/movement therapist, and Pilates instructor Kimberly Dye. It is a circular resistance band used for support and resistance in core strengthening and stretching programs.

Video and more information on the Dyenamic Movement Website.


Deena works closely with other practitioners in the Bay Area and often refers clients to them as well.

Hana Levin
Melt Massage

Hana has nearly 30 years experience and certificates in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point and Hospice massage among others. She says, “Neither my years nor my many trainings make me an expert in you. You know what feels good to your own body. We work together to get you the best massage possible, every time. Up to 4-hour long massages because you deserve to feel that good. What would make a massage great for you? Let me know.”

Alex Williams
Holistic Hyperbarics

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mHBOT) is a method of delivering ambient air under pressure. The pressurization allows for greater oxygen absorption in the body. Elevated oxygen levels help improve circulation and cell growth and regeneration relieving symptoms like muscle fatigue and promoting more rapid recovery and healing.