A private practice near downtown Berkeley,  

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offers the ideal combination of a calm, healing environment with experienced, professional therapeutic treatment.


• Attend to and repair the current, immediate concern

• Collaborate with you to improve your overall health and well-being

• Teach you during the healing process so you understand how your body works

• Help you learn how to help yourself, to prevent future occurrences of pain or injury


We integrate manual therapy with therapeutic exercise, and develop an individualized treatment plan that includes: sessions in our office, home exercises, ergonomics, and movement re-education for daily and specialized activities, including sports, music, and dance. 


  • Intake forms—please fill out & bring

  • Insurance information, if relevant (PPO, MVA, etc.)

  • Doctor referral for PT, if needed

  • Comfortable clothing to move in & see the involved part of your body

Many new clients have questions about physical therapy treatment, first visits, doctor referrals, payment, insurance coverage, etc.


For more specific questions, you can contact Move Easy Physical Therapy by phone or email.


Learn more about our treatment plans and structure of our office appointments.