Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy treats acute injuries and chronic conditions through massage and therapeutic exercise instead of medication or additional surgery.

  • Move Easy Physical Therapy’s  approach to physical therapy combines:

    • Manual therapies

    • Movement re-education

    • Ergonomic problem solving

    • Therapeutic exercise including Pilates, strength, core strength, stretch, and balance

    • Ultrasound, infrared light therapy, and electric stimulation (TNS unit)

    • Home exercise equipment including physioball, foam roller, and Thera-Band

    • A home program, with self-care instruction to achieve your goals and prevent recurrent problems

  • Our integrated techniques will:

    • Calm worry and stress about how your injury impacts your life

    • Help you overcome the confusion of “not knowing what to do”

    • Decrease pain, inflammation, and limiting movement patterns

    • Release trauma associated with acute injury

    • Speed rehabilitation from surgeries

    • Manage and reduce suffering from chronic conditions such as back pain, sciatica, or repetitive stress injuries

  • The goals of physical therapy include:

    • Better range of motion, flexibility, and coordination

    • Increased endurance and strength

    • Improved posture, balance, and mobility

    • Improved performance in work, dance, sports, or leisure activities

Move Easy Physical Therapy is committed to making our work with each client last beyond in office treatment. We approach the body and our treatment plans holistically teaching clients how to problem solve to prevent recurrent pain, modify living and work spaces for better ergonomics, and help set better movement patterns and habits to keep our clients functioning at their greatest potential.